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Lend A Helping Hand!

A lot of people have a habit of wanting to do things on their own. They are afraid to ask for help. They may consider asking for help may make them look weak, or the person they ask for help does not want to help them unless they are getting something out of it. Whatever the reason may be, I here to tell you that asking for help is not bad. We are all human beings who make mistakes. I have my fair share of them. I ask for help all the time because I know that I don’t know everything and I cannot do everything. For example, I needed help getting this blog started. I ask my wife Alexiss for help for ideas to include to reach out to as many people as possible. I asked my graphic designer help creating the logo. If we all help one another, I promise you the world would be a better place. So many people have the crab in a bucket mentality. Try to bring another person down to get to the top. We all can reach the top together by simply helping one another. With ‘The Inspired Mind’ blog, I want to help my brothers and sister who are going through something. That statement may be vague but it is the goal. Depression, anxiety, consistent negative thoughts, marriage issues, etc. We all are going through something and need help somewhere in life. We all try to be strong and not expose our issues to people. Sooner or later, that issue will get exposed because it is bound to come out because it is going to be harder and harder to contain. Don’t wait until it is too late to get help. Don’t be ashamed! The weight will be lifted off your shoulders Again we are not perfect, God is!

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