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Using Your Time Wisely- Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Currently we are in a time in life where Coronavirus has placed a halt on the world. There are a lot of uncertainties occurring right now. Millions of people have not been able to work, having to file for unemployment with no timetable of when they will be able to go back to work. Grocery stores are forced to restock constantly and change store hours to ensure that everyone has a chance to stock on food and household essentials. Toilet paper, disinfect wipes and spray are out of stock in various places across the world. Sports leagues have been cancelled and/or postponed with no near in site of continuing. With all of these uncertainties present, there is one certainty. We all have time on our hands. How we use that time is critical. This time could be used to enhance current and learn new skills. Learning a new language, applying to career jobs, exercising inside your place of residence or going outside and taking a walk around your neighborhood are just some productive things you can do with your time. Never get discouraged when things get tough. Always look at the positive in every situation.. There have been millions of people worldwide who have lost their lives due to this virus. We are blessed because we are still alive. Treasure your time in this world. Time is something that we can never get back. Tomorrow is not promise. While we are all in our place of residency as we commit to social distancing, get closer with your spouses, children, family and friends. Tell them that you love them. Money is not everything. Money can not buy you love and happiness. You may not be working and do not know when your next paycheck may come or able to go out to parties and events, get your haircut, hair done, nails did but we have one another. Friendships, relationships are worth more. Please stay in the house!  Only go out for essential needs like food, cleaning supplies, and having to go to work.

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