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Welcome to The Inspired Reality!

Welcome to The Inspired Reality! My name is Sean Hoggard. I am the creator of The Inspired Reality blog, where reality inspires all. We all live in a reality where we are inspired and motivated by someone or something. 


This blog will be a source of motivation and inspiration to combat all that life throws at us. I am creating a safe space that welcomes individuals of all ages and locations in the world who are in a battle with their mental health and start their healing process. My mission is to provide resources to fight back in your struggle with mental health. Too many times, I have seen people suffer in silence, ignoring the healing process and staying in their comfort zone with no outlet to turn to when things get tough. 


My childhood reality motivated me to start this blog. I want to be the person I needed at critical moments in my life but did not have growing up for anyone who needs it. 


The focus is on healing. I believe no one can fully heal because something will always trigger you. How you handle yourself and the situation is essential once someone or something has triggered you. 


The vision of The Inspired Reality is to witness the growth of the individuals who took advantage of the resources The Inspired Reality provided. Use the tools acquired from The Inspired Reality to address the problems they face in a healthier way than they used to, having the ability to release the “weight of mental illness” to enjoy and live life to the fullest. 


We will travel this healing journey together. I live by the motto, “Practice what you preach.” I will be beside you as we walk through this healing journey together. We deserve and owe it to ourselves to be the best versions of ourselves. 

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